About Me

Caed Mille Failte
One hundred thousand welcomes!

I’m Maureen O’Connor Saringer  and this is my blog. I have one husband, one grown son and more than enough cats. Do not leave any wide-eyed, limping, tattered-looking kitties on my doorstep. (Especially the black ones with the snowy white paws.)  I’m doing my part, and we have no openings at present.

I practice and adore yoga. I bow to my teacher Becky, to her teachers, and to all who light the way.  I have a serious practice, but I am not a Really Bendy Person. Sometimes I can kick up into a handstand at the wall, but not lately. Why is that?

I love to read and write. I love things of the spirit. Here’s a basketful of topics that you might see on this blog: Jesus, Hanuman, Shakti, Tantric stuff, Anglican stuff, Charismatic stuff, the Dalai Lama, my gardenia bush, bird songs heard only before dawn, the kindnesses of my husband toward living things, my grandmother’s orange cake, interesting books, interesting people, prayer, prayer beads, meditation, talking about meditation but not actually doing it, styles of yoga mats, people who can do yoga poses that I can’t do, things I see on the walk to work, girls who still twirl batons, water collected beneath a full moon, the current state of my refrigerator, undone laundry, unmade beds, simple living.

And also the cats. I did mention the cats, didn’t I?

Blessings and namaste.

P.S. Ask me about my Instant Pot!

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