Not Ready Yet? Good! Let’s Start

This post was drafted 10 months ago and I never posted it. But the quote is great, and the (unrelated but also great) photo above is great, too. So I decided to just roll with it.

Last night I had the good fortune to hear Brandon Stanton, creator of the Humans of New York blog, speak. Although I follow the Facebook posts, I didn’t know the story of how Brandon started the blog after being fired from a stockbroker job which wasn’t a good fit. He wanted to take photos all day, he said, and to earn just enough money to support that. When he started, he didn’t have the idea for the blog as it exists today with its 20+ million followers, but the initial iteration of it.

If I’d waited until I had the idea, it never would have happened, he said.

So who’s not ready, and what are you doing about that?


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