Lowering the Shades on This Blog

imageOne thing I’ve learned from yoga, and I’ve learned many things, is that sometimes you have to make space for something new. Sometimes you have to set aside things, even good things, in order to tidy up and allow for the new things that you want.

And so, I am pulling down the shade on this blog. Maybe temporarily. I don’t know.

If you are interested, you can follow me on instagram and/or twitter @DailyHandstand. I’m pretty regular at both places. Some posts are local to my hometown, some are about yoga or meditation, some about writing. And some political whining, but not too much.

Please follow me at either place, if you’re interested.



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I'm Maureen O'Connor Saringer, author of the Daily Handstand blog. I like yoga, spiritual things, cats, books, meditation, kayaking, old houses, and my funny husband. And my Instant Pot. Namaste.

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